Brookshire Posadas
Live Events

The Ask

Create a community focused event that will resonate on a deep cultural and personal level with the Hispanic target demographic.

The Solution

Parking lot events at Brookshire locations in the Southwest Region celebrating Las Posadas. Our Joseph and Mary costume characters, alongside our nativity scene, drove awareness toward the activation and sparked curiosity that enticed the consumer to walk over and see what the celebration was about.  The customer and their families celebrated this tradition with the team and drove more foot traffic to the store through word of mouth.  Shoppers that would otherwise not be shopping that day, came out and celebrated a very special time for their families at Brookshire’s.  This allowed our teams to really drive brand awareness, increase sales, and create a bond with the consumer keeping them loyal to the P&G Brand as well as the Retailer.


Consumers Engaged

Samples Distributed

Coupons Distributed

Event Details

  • Timing

    December 2014

  • Events Executed

    8 Events

  • Location

    Dallas & Shreveport



Nearly 1,800

P&G samples distributed per event day

Over 90%

of consumers who saw our event space were engaged by a brand ambassador


gifts distributed per event

Other Live Events

Unifed Grocers Food Show

Designed and executed 20 x 40 event space at Grocer Supply Show that created additional selling tactics and presented customers with onsite activation opportunities. The custom-built environmental design enhanced selling and partnership opportunities through strategic branding, private meeting spaces and central display features.

Consumer Engagements: 1,850
Gillette Shave Experience: 120


Cinco De Mayo

Activation at the largest Cinco De Mayo festival in the country hosted by Vallarta Supermarkets. Costume character photo ops, inflatable games, Hispanic focused prize giveaways, custom signage and premium sampling enhanced the massive festival with top Mexican Music performances in Southern California.

Consumer Engagements: 17,500+
Samples Distributed: 13,586
Photos Ops with Costume Character: 450